GREEN LIFE: What we’re doing for the environment, and what you can do too!

As a company that promotes and encourages being outside, we understand the importance of maintaining the natural spaces around us and preserving nature! We take lots of inspiration from the nature around us and really immerse ourselves into it when thinking of new ideas and ways we can better our valued customers lives! That’s why we’ve recently taken a few steps onto the road of being greener and putting some simple yet effective tasks in place to not only make our company green but you too!


  1. We are proud to admit that recently we have joined the Growth company in their ‘Green Growth Pledge’ to become a more sustainable business, we have partnered up with the growth company to start taking those small but crucial steps in becoming a more sustainable brand, not only in office but out of office too. Making a greener space to work in creates a happier atmosphere and happier customers!
  2. Following on from the ‘Green Growth Pledge’ we’ve taken things into our own hands and created our very own internal environmental pledge to encourage all throughout the company to have a greener mindset inside the business and outside the business. Some tasks we’ve agreed to achieved are tasks such as looking for more sustainable options first, accessing more public transport and seek to use more recyclable products!
  3. Last but not least, we have also decided to join the National Trust on their mission to plant and establish 20 million trees by 2030! How are we doing this you ask? Well we’ve decided that with every order placed with us starting from the 1st January 2022 until 31st December 2023, will have some of it cost donated to the National Trust to plant anything from 1 tiny tree sapling up to 1,000 sqm of woodland. To see more on how you can help us donate to the National Trust you can visit our environmental pledge page on our website.
GOSS Goes Green trees


Now that we’ve taken some action we want to encourage you guys to do the same! That’s why we’ve gathered up some simple every day tasks that you can start incorporating to start making greener choices in your life:

  1. Recycle – Firstly we’re stating the obvious, recycling is the first step in trying to create a greener atmosphere in your own home or even business. The easiest way to do this is to pluck before you chuck, that’s right if you organise your waste before throwing it in your regular bin, it’ll be so much easier to put the correct waste in your outdoor coloured bins. Plus if you have a family at home you can easily turn this into a fun game of who can get the most recycling points!
  2. Reuse – Another step you could take before your recycling organisation, is seeing if you could reuse anything first. Can you use the blank side of any scrap paper? Refill that water bottle before buying another? Use your old toothbrush for cleaning purposes? There are lots of different items you can reuse or re-purpose before recycling.
  3. Lets get digital – With technology getting smarter by the day and so many different resources becoming available a lot of our work lives can become digitally adapt. Think about it this way, the more we start doing online the less paper we will be using, try saving a file onto a cloud drive or sharing point instead of printing them, or how about sending an email before sending a letter.
  4. Bring your own lunch – Starting to prepare your own lunches and bringing them in a reusable lunchbox is one of the most environmentally friendly tasks you could do, it is also a task you can benefit from financially! Instead of having to buy a lunch everyday, which more than likely ends up in a pile of packaging, you can bring your very own favourites.
  5. Re-purposing – We know ourselves that over time our tastes in things can change and the styles we most loved just don’t hit the spot anymore! A solution to this you could try and do is to re-purpose items such as furniture! Repaint that old dresser or spice up your sofa with a new throw or pillows, this can become a really fun, creative project for you to try out – and who knows you might just end up falling in love with your newest creation.
  6. Watch your water – Try looking for little spots in your water usage that you could cut down on, you could try turning off the tap while brushing you teeth or even turning off the shower while you shampoo your hair, all these tiny little water saving tricks can save you water and money all while being helpful to the environment.
  7. Switch off – Keeping an eye on how much you keep your lights on is another great way to reduce the amount of energy you are using, make the most of the natural light around you and open up those blinds so you can turn off your lights.

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog post and are wanting to start incorporating these little tasks to have a greener lifestyle, to join us on our green journey. Your contribution no matter how small can help the planet in becoming a greener place! If you’re interested in getting on board with us helping the National Trust, you can enquire about our shading systems with a member of the team today by contacting us!

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