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Our Fabrics offer an original, resolutely contemporary architectural solution to efficient personal solar protection.

Gardens, terraces, pool sides, etc.… composite screens are suited to every situation, guaranteeing long-term aesthetics and durability for your shade sail and static shading projects.

These composite textiles can be used alone or superposed to create multi-coloured geometrical shapes.

Thanks to their exclusive patented manufacturing procedure our fabrics provide unrivalled performance characteristics essential to producing shade sails: flatness, resistance to bad weather, excellent dimensional stability, preventing long-term fabric deformation.

Waterproof solar protection

It combines weather protection and efficient thermal protection. It enables good visual contact with the exterior.

Easy upkeep Simple washing with water containing Serge Ferrari Cleaner detergent restores the screen to its original aesthetic.

Sustainable Development

They are covered by a so-called “Fiche de Donnees Environnementales et Sanitaires” (FDES) [health and environmental safety data sheet] and are subjected to Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), conducted and monitored by independent outside bodies; these quality indicators have clearly demonstrated their eco-efficiency.