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Audio integrated into pergolas.

  • New system itaudio®, entirely conceived and realized by Check Up.
  • High quality audio equal to analog, with moderate prices.
  • Use of contact speakers that allow to use a exible architecture, customizable and invisible inside the frame.
  • The bluetooth 3.0 A2DP module Made in Europe, guarantee the transmission of signal with CD quality.

The flexible structure can be inserted and hidden inside the furniture. The innovative amplification cards guarantee a perfect sound quality.

The audio system is composed by amplification cards that guarantee a perfect sound emission and permits the devices to obtain an analogic quality by a digital base. The system is completely integrated in order to permit its control from a infrared remote control of any television or from the app for smartphone that allows the integration with the lighting systems. The itaudio architecture, beyond the integration with a bluetooth® 3.0 A2DP module with audio CD quality, considers the connection with an optical digital, coaxial or analogic audio source. The modules are extractable, therefore they can be sent to the customer care service without the intervention of a specialised technician.

Flexible composition

The system is proposed in 3 solutions. Two ways, two ways with a wireless controlled subwoofer and three ways.