Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ve listened to your questions and gathered them in a space where you can always come back to them. We found that the questions listed below were our most frequently asked by you, our customers. If you do however have any more questions that are not here feel free to get in contact with us by heading over to our contact page.

Q: I would like a quote, what do you need me to provide?

A – We would need you to provide: the product you’re after, sizes desired, your contact details (email and phone number), and sometimes photos of your site. These can all be sent to our email

Q: Which product will be the most suitable for my site?

A – Our architects can advise you on the most suitable product depending on your site, your budget and the look you would like to achieve. You just need to get in contact with your site photos, measurements and a rough idea of what you want.

Q: How can I purchase my product?

A – Once you have received a quote from our team and decide to go ahead, we will provide you with a special order form, which you will then take to your local Costco to pay for your product. If you have chosen to have your product installed by our team, you will pay that fee directly to us.

Q: What is the Blackhawk 10% discount?

A – The discount is 10% of your products price being given back to you through Blackhawk network program vouchers.

Q: What if I don't have a Blackhawk membership?

A – No need to worry as we will make you a member for one whole year free of charge.

Q: Do you have a showroom?

A – Yes we do have a showroom and it is based at our site in 1300 N Sam Houston Parkway E, Houston, TX 77032

Q: Do you provide no obligation site surveys?

A – Yes we do but we would prefer if we would be able to give you a quote first and then proceed with a site survey. Our surveys can be completed physically or virtually through zoom, we can also show you our showroom through zoom.

Q: Do you provide electrical fittings?

A – We would need all electrical fittings to be carried out by a certified electrician, once you make your order our team will send you detailed information about the electrical requirements for your product, which you can pass on to your electrician.

Q: Do you have a price list?

A – No we do not have a price list, to get an idea of cost you will have to contact our team with the information needed for a quote and they will provide you with one.

Q: What are the current wait times for a product?

A – For an awning, it is 8-10 weeks, for a Retractable pergola it is 12-15 weeks and for a Bioclimatic Pergola it is 14-16 weeks. However, if an awning is purchased through online the waiting time is 30 business days.

Q: Where can I find swatches?

A – If you head over to our information page on our website ( then go into the downloads section, you will be able to see our swatch categories.

Q: What are the top outdoor accessories you can suggest to us?

A – We strongly recommend the vibration sensors for awnings, dimmers for lighting and heaters with all shading systems.