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Motorized Blinds Systems

Motorized blinds are a great way to improve your outdoor patio space. Not only do they provide shade and privacy, but they also can add a touch of style and sophistication. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, if you host guests on a patio, then you’ll benefit from motorized shades. In fact, they can even be transparent to reduce their impact on your aesthetic. At String Lights Outdoor, we build motorized blinds in Houston and around the United States. Below, our team of design experts discuss the advantages of motorized blinds, and how to maximize the potential of these captivating — and practical — enhancements.

The Benefits of Custom Outdoor Patio Screens

Motorized blinds offer several significant advantages, including:
  1. Motorized outdoor screens are convenient.
  2. Motorized shades are safe.
  3. Automated blinds provide better light control.
  4. Motorized roof screens are more energy-efficient.
  5. Automated blinds add value to your home.

Benefit #1: Motorized outdoor screens are convenient.

With motorized blinds, you can easily adjust the amount of sunlight and privacy you want with the touch of a button. There’s no need to fiddle with cords or strings, thanks to Somfy® technology. This is especially handy if your pergola or patio space is in a high-traffic area. Somfy® enables you to quickly and easily adjust the blinds without having to stop what you’re doing. Even better, these patio enhancements are unobtrusive. Transparent plastic screens are particularly ideal for business owners who don’t want to limit the view for their customers.

Benefit #2: Motorized shades are safe.

Cable shades have cords and strings that can be a tripping hazard, but motorized blinds eliminate this risk. If you have young children or pets, motorized blinds are a safer option as there’s no risk of them getting tangled in cords.

Benefit #3: Motorized blinds provide better light control.

With automated blinds, you can adjust the enhancement to create the perfect amount of light for your needs. Whether you want to block out the sun completely, or just filter the light, motorized outdoor screens provide you with complete control. In fact, at String Lights Outdoor, you can opt between vertical or horizontal screens! This further expands on the creative options that are at your command.

Benefit #4: Motorized roof screens are more energy-efficient.

Because motorized blinds provide better light control, they can help you save on energy costs. By blocking out the sun when it’s not needed, blinds help to keep your bioclimatic pergola system cool in the summer months. In the winter, you can open the blinds to let in the sun’s natural heat.

Benefit #5: Motorized blinds add value to your property.

Not only do motorized blinds improve the look of your patio or pergola space, but they also add value to your property. If you ever decide to sell, potential buyers won’t be able to deny how your space benefits from the added convenience and safety of motorized blinds.

Why Choose String Lights Outdoor for Your Motorized Blinds & Shades?

The importance of anticipating a customer’s needs cannot be overstated. The crucial principles for our business are to identify and exceed our customers’ expectations. This means finding the shading systems that are best suited for the patio space on your home or business. Once we understand what you desire, we provide you with a curated selection of the best units and installations for your objectives. No matter what your preferred solution may be, String Lights Outdoor guarantees ease of use, reliability, and quality.

Building a Screened-in Pergola with Roof

Please note that automated blinds are designed for a pergola system installed by String Lights Outdoor. That way, it will fit perfectly into your space. The unique style of our blinds are lined up with our clients’ expectations which would be either a timeless or a minimal appeal. You can choose from a large selection of options, including vertical blinds or horizontal blinds. You can also customize your blinds with your choice of fabric lining, such as blinds with the Soltis range from Serge Ferrari fabrics. This means you can better control just how much natural light filters into your space, while also protecting privacy.

Design Motorized Blinds for Your Patio at String Lights Outdoor

Motorized blinds and shading systems are safe, easy to use, and they transform your space into an oasis of peace and comfort. To find the perfect match for your home or business, reach out to our team today.