For String Lights Outdoor, quality means using reliable, robust materials in a design that lasts, in order that the price of the product is reflected in its real value. One of the greatest benefits of choosing a well-known brand like Serge Ferrari or Somfy is the certainty of the quality of the supplied outdoor solutions, afforded today by technology, materials, and a sophisticated industrial process. String Lights pays a great deal of attention to the product, in order that the consumer is satisfied; this is put into practice at all company levels: design, production, training, laboratory tests and checks, careful selection of suppliers, and lot more.

String Lights Outdoor, always attentive to quality, adopts a series of measures in order to guarantee the characteristics of their product. Some of these can be verified with specific visual checks. Others, on the other hand, need specific laboratory tests to check their performance. String Lights carries out over 546 laboratory tests each year on products and materials. Such tests are carried out both internally, in our own equipped test laboratory, and externally, on large, qualified test sites.