Enjoy in the outdoors, with help from our wide range of high-quality, luxury, shading systems and outdoor solutions.

String Lights Outdoor have a variety of products, but we are never prescriptive in approach. Our talented team will listen to customers aspirations and offer reliable, prudent advice based on any given setting and intended use. Within this website we illustrate the portfolio of options from the perspective of that which we ‘can do’, but we are more than happy to have an informal, no-obligation conversation, so as to ensure you make the correct choice for your venue or dwelling. We show some examples and technical specifications and conclude with reference sites and clients whom we are proud to support.

It is no surprise in the commercial, retail, leisure and hospitality sectors that we have become the preferred supplier for several ‘household’ brand names. We refer to ‘shading systems’ but to be factually correct we are offering protection through all elements and weather conditions, from rain and shine. Different shapes and different sizes are available, but an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction whilst providing quality products is our driver. We only use the best and our specifications include Somfy motors, SIOEN fabrics, and Serge Ferrari fabrics and membranes. All of which are reputable suppliers that we utilize to deliver optimum, functioning products for our customers but at realistic prices. 

*Please note that for every system we need 6 inch clearance from the edge of where your system is installed, and if there are additional heaters installed they will need 20 inches clearance from the top of your system.