OUTDOOR LIVING: The outdoor living trends of 2022

ter spending what seems like days upon end in our homes during the pandemic, it has recently come to light the importance of having a space in your home that is your sanctuary and escape from everyday life, that is functional as well as comforting. You are deserving of a lot more than just a boring old patio or decking with an umbrella, you deserve a high end, quality, luxury outdoor space to go to throughout all 4 seasons, so that’s why we’ve gathered up some trends we think we’ll be seeing a lot of in 2022, so you can invest in your garden this year and be keeping it current:

1) Outdoor offices

We first started to see the increase in interests about outdoor offices in the summer of 2020, with COVID19 in full force more and more people were still working from home and wanting to enjoy the nicer weather, and outdoor offices provided that solution! In today’s age it’s crucial that our homes can offer a flexible work environment to be able to differentiate the home/work life, and getting a shading system for your outdoor area to create that different atmosphere is a perfect way to do so. 

2) Growing some green

Another trend we’ve noticed climbing through the ranks is taking advantage of the greenery you have around you, our gardens are a gift of nutrients and goodness so why not put that to some use and start growing your own plants and vegetation! Growing your own fruit and veg is an excellent way to de-stress and just getaway for a couple of minutes, having an activity you can do with your family (or even by yourself), such as a a tad of gardening is a brilliant way to relax whilst saving a few pennies too. 2022 is the year to start getting some green fingers, and if you’re wanting to have your growing space a little more organized, you can use planters such as our Ethimo planters to do so.

Growing some green

3) Indoor to outdoor

If you’ve been considering jumping onto the new movement that is outdoor living there are a few tips and tricks that people have learned over the years. One of those trend tips is by creating a seamless connection of your indoor space to your outdoor space and seeing that gorgeous natural connection between inside and out. Essentially, your outdoor living space is just like an extra room, and one of String Lights Outdoor’s best shading systems that allows you to create this seamless extension is an awning -placing your awning over a patio space is an ideal area and a great way to enhance a patio and complement the furniture that may already be placed there.

4) Active zone

When starting a new year it’s very common to start giving yourself some new year’s resolutions, and we all may or may not be guilty for saying we’ll be more active this year and then not doing so – but 2022 is not the year for that! Leading a healthier lifestyle has caught some popularity over the past couple of years, and it is becoming increasingly important and valued by others. Staying fit and healthy is a desired action for everyone and you can achieve that with your outdoor living space, being outside and getting some exercise is an a amazing way to give back to your body, you can keep it moving all while breathing in that divine fresh air. If you have one of our stunning shading systems you can keep active all year round, creating a cool sheltered space for when it feels just that little too hot for a workout, or even a little bit of drizzle.

5) Privacy, privacy, privacy

After the past couple of years affected by COVID19, a lot of homeowners have craved that extra feeling of safety and security, and with our outdoor spaces being used for essentially work and pleasure, people are looking to enhance their sense of privacy and comfort. With this in mind, a shading system structure such as a pergola may just be your ideal solution, our systems can create that very own personal oasis you’ve longed for and protect you not just physically but emotionally as well. Our pergolas roofs and additional extras such as motorized blinds and sliding doors can create a cocoon of relaxation right in your back garden.

6) Quality furniture

That’s right, investing in some cosy, luxury furniture is now not only limited to the indoors – the outdoors are wanting a slice of this cake too. We saw a huge spike of interest in the outdoor furniture moment in the Spring time of 2021 and it’s not stopped there! It is becoming more and more important as we move through the years, to be able to experience the same comfort we receive indoors as well as outdoors and furniture gives us that luxury – being able to nest yourself into a chair or lay down on a lounger while baking in the sun or curling up with a book is a perk like no other. Investing in your outdoor furniture is a must this year, you can find quality furniture supplied by Ethimo on our online store.

7) Climate control

Bad weather is no longer a factor that can keep up inside anymore, through the growing popularity of shading systems and outdoor living areas, you’ll be able to relax all year round. Have you ever had that feeling on a late summer night where the breeze is cooling off a day full of fun, yet it’s getting just a bit too dark to sit outside? With some outdoor lighting, that problem will just melt away! Or say its a beautiful Autumn afternoon but it feels just a tad too chilly outside, with some overhead outdoor heaters or a fire pit, you’ve got a source of warmth to snuggle up to all through the afternoon!

8) Tech savvy

With each year and even generation becoming more technologically adapt it’s no wonder we have all of the amazing pieces of technology we have today. One of those technological features we’re very familiar with and are loving to see is the use of SOMFY, it is an amazing way to start smart living with your shading system. There are so many different SOMFY products available that can bring you luxury at the touch of a button! Such as their easy-to-use remote controls and sensors that protect your awning so you have one less thing to worry about.

somfy sensor awning

It’s time to jump onto the trend of outdoor living and really get the most out of your outdoor space this year, with a high-quality, luxury shading system from String Lights Outdoor you will become an outdoor living pro in no time! You can take a look at the range of shading systems we sell right here. However, if you know what you want or want a little guidance you can always get in contact with a member of the team today! We also have some discounted items available of our outlet store to help you kick start your dream garden at a cheaper price.

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