Fully automated aluminium pergola systems, adjustable specifications giving you endless possibilities providing protection from the sun. A work of wonders, the Bioclimatic Pergola series is one of our most contemporary installations. The B-Cube series can create a bold statement in your outdoor space as well as being an incredibly flexible solution to extending your outreach, with a variety of options to suit every individual project – whether standing tall by itself or attached to your property.

*Please note that for every system we need 150mm clearance from the edge of where your system is installed, and if there are additional heaters installed they will need 500mm clearance from the top of your system.

Bioclimatic and Aluminum Pergola Systems

A pergola is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while protecting yourself, or your guests, from the sun. And yet, we can’t say that all pergolas are created equal.

Some are designed specifically for bioclimatic purposes, and offer many advantages over traditional pergolas. If you’re considering adding a pergola to your home or business, it’s important to understand the benefits of a bioclimatic pergola before making a decision.

At String Lights Outdoor, we offer a range of diverse design options for installing a custom pergola on your property. Whether it’s for hosting your best friends or your best customers, these bioclimatic additions boost the value, hospitality, and allure of any space.

Bioclimatic Louvered Pergolas for Homes & Businesses

Our fully automated, aluminum pergola systems can be designed to your specifications. This provides you with endless possibilities for providing protection from the sun, wind, rain, and snow.

Creating a comfortable environment is vital, regardless of whether you own a home or business. Moreover, it’s also important that the addition is both chic and timeless to ensure a boost in property value.

Our Bioclimatic Pergola series is one of our most contemporary installations. These captivating designs amplify the inviting nature of both domestic and commercial spaces.

Commercial Aluminum Pergola Systems Boost Property Value

If you’re a commercial owner, then you’re likely navigating through your community’s permit processes. For more a cost-effective solution, we can build the following systems for you as well:

The B-Cube: Customized Bioclimatic Pergola Systems

The B-Cube series adds a bold statement to your outdoor space. In fact, it’s an incredibly flexible solution to extending your outreach as well!

Our expansive catalog includes a variety of options to suit every unique property – whether standing tall by itself or attached to your business. Our B-Cube Urban features a sleek profile that adds seating space without reducing walking space.

Alternatively, our B-Cube Space is perfect for businesses that have ample open space, such as excess parking. A barbecue restaurant, for example, may command enough area to install one of these and offer their customers shaded, open-air dining.

Aluminum Louvered Pergolas Add Space for Hosting Loved Ones

For homeowners, our B-Cube Classic is an obvious choice. These elegant additions incorporate the timeless appeal of minimalist design, making them ideal for expressing yourself when decorating and furnishing your space.

Unattached spaces are another design option that will endure passing trends for years to come. These standalone spaces can be fun to design as they typically add a greater area for personalization.

To that end, we offer several options for installing an eye-catching pergola in your backyard or elsewhere on your property. Our favorite bioclimatic pergola systems for a separated, outdoor living area include:

To Build Your Own Pergola, Please Note:

For each of our systems, we require a clearance of 150mm from the edge of where your system is to be installed.

If additional heaters are to be installed, each requires a clearance of 500mm from the top of your system.

Design a Custom Bioclimatic Pergola at String Lights Outdoor

At String Lights Outdoor, we’re a collaborative and creative team of design experts, and we’ve built pergolas all over the United States. From aluminum pergolas in Houston to louvered roofs in Manhattan, we’ve built a reputation for reliability, flexibility, and transparency.

To design a custom bioclimatic pergola system for your home or business, reach out to our team today.