RETRACTABLE VS BIOCLIMATIC: Which Pergola Model is best for you?

Adding a pergola to your outdoor space can be a rather stressful decision, that’s why we’ve created this blog to aid you in weighing up which pergola you think is best for you before making your final decision.

Here at String Lights Outdoor, we sell many bespoke pergolas and they are split into two main categories; Retractable pergolas and Bioclimatic Pergolas. So which one is best for you? To find out keep on reading:

Retractable Pergola:

Our Retractable Pergolas come as three different modules; The Subulate, The Falcate and The Unifoliate. These Retractable Pergolas come with gorgeous fabrics which are suitable for all kinds of weather and also come in two different sizes, a Quercus Minima and a Tectona. The Quercus minima is our more popular smaller module however if you’re looking for something a bit bigger and grander our Tectona models can provide just that.

Subulate – The Subulate is a fixed to wall module, it has a flat outlook and is also ideal to suit budgets. This makes this module one of our most popular products and allows it to be very versatile, the Subulate creates a stunning modern architectural outdoor space for you all year round.

Falcate – The Falcate is also a fixed to wall module, it has a semi curve sloped profile; which provides a more aesthetic look if that’s what you are after, rather than an angular aesthetic like the Subulate. Due to this the Falcate has a softer look to provide a comfy atmosphere for your outdoor space.

Unifoliate – This module comes as a freestanding one, it also has a sloping curved feature which shape can enhance your outdoor living area. If the attached module isn’t your style, then the unifoliate retractable pergola is the perfect pergola for you.

Bioclimatic Pergolas:

For Our B-Cube series we have many different modules, these include: B-Cube Classic, B-Cube Urban, B-Cube Infinity and B-Cube Freedom – these all have Retractable roofs, then there’s our B-Cube Space and B-Cube Galaxy – these systems don’t retract but instead tilt to let in different amounts of light and breeze. The B-Cubes have fully automated aerofoil louvres rather than fabric like the retractable pergolas. When these louvres are fully shut the B-Cube becomes totally water resistant.

B-Cube Classic – This module comes as a lean to module aka wall attached, so it only has the front two legs and the back is attached to your wall. The modules are rather popular with business for leisure such as cafes and restaurants.

B-Cube Urban – This module is perfect for more metropolitan spaces, it has a very modern and chic look and that is thanks to it being attached to your wall by a robust hanging system, this model provides shelter without the need for any front or back posts.

B-Cube Infinity – This module has a truly customisable appearance making ‘infinity’ practically disappear wherever it is mounted so the design opportunities with this module are endless. The infinity module is just a roof system however needs an existing structure to be attached to underneath. So if you already have a structure and just need a stunning additional roof system the infinity is perfect for you.

B-Cube Freedom – This module truly lives up to its name, the freedom system has endless possibilities. The system can be used as an integrated and independent module, it is a great system to promote freedom and privacy and is a rather popular module amongst our customers. If attached modules aren’t for you then the freedom is the way to go.

If any of our retractable Bioclimatic pergolas don’t suit your criteria, as previously mentioned, we have our two other options which come with louvres that tilt in place. They are our Galaxy and Space modules:

B-Cube Space: Our B-Cube module comes mounted on a flat wall surface supported by carrier posts very similar to our B-Cube classic module. This module is most practical for larger enclosures and is popular amongst leisure industries, as previously mentioned the roofing on this system does not retract but instead tilts to provide different levels of light.

B-Cube Galaxy – If you are looking for a roof with tilting louvres but don’t want an attached module then don’t worry because we do that too! Our B-Cube Galaxy is our final B-Cube species and come as a freestanding module, it is a system surrounded by 4 carrier posts without any construction connection. The galaxy module is ideal for the leisure industry along with detached and semi-detached private houses.

Additional features

If you’re looking for a little extra, you’ve come to the right place. Our pergolas offer many optional items such as lighting systems, heaters and sensors. To take a further look click on the links below!

Retractable pergola Optional Items: Pergola_Ordering_Optional_Items.pdf (

Bioclimatic Pergola Optional Items: Bioclimatic_Ordering_Optional_Items.pdf 

As you can see, we have many systems and opportunities in place with our pergolas to create the ideal and perfect outdoor space for you. If you want to know any information about our pergolas or any of our other systems, feel free to get in contact with us via email or telephone.

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