HOW TO: Turn Your Pergola Into The Perfect Outdoor Office


Over the past year and a half with so many of us adapting to covid life and working from home, it comes as no surprise that makeshift home office solutions have been a friend to many. And even though things are starting to somewhat get back to normal, the home office life has stuck with lots of us. So what better way to take this opportunity and implement a gorgeous outdoor office into your life? To find out how to create your perfect outdoor office, keep reading.

Let’s start with shelter!

The obvious first step to creating your ambient outdoor office is the structure and if you do not already have some form of shading in your back garden, then thinking about getting a structure to provide a covered space is a great first step.

Our Bioclimatic Pergolas are the perfect system for an outdoor office area, their minimal design and versatility allows you to crack on working in style. In order to create your dream outdoor working space, investing in one of our pergolas will be a decision you thank yourself for later, cause after all to create the ideal space you’re going to need a few enhancements.

Bioclimatic Pergola’s features

So, what makes a B-Cube the perfect model for your outdoor office? Our B-Cube’s come as attached or freestanding systems, we have 4 models that come with a retractable roof with aerofoil louvres (Classic, Urban, Infinity and Freedom) and 2 models that come as aerofoil louvres that tilt instead of retracting (Space and Galaxy) – so there’s something for everyone. This great feature gives you control over the amount of light and air you let through your system.

You can also add in features such as sliding doors and glass walls to store the heat in as the months are starting to get colder, these additional features also keep out those pesky bugs and the wind. The glass walls are a perfect option for all you nature lovers too as you’ll be protected from the precipitation but still hear that soft pitter patter as you work away. This leads us to another fantastic feature of the B-Cube, a restrained gutter catches the rainwater and makes it drain directly in the vertical posts so nothing pools on the top of your gorgeous new system.


For a successful home office space, there needs to be a balance of feeling comfortable and feeling productive in your office space. It’s definitely good to have little reminders that you are in a workspace, but that also doesn’t mean you can’t stow away your work life for a lovely meal time at the weekend in your pergola.

Our ethimo collections can provide that perfect balance, a large dining room table can act as a large conference table if you have the correct seating to go with it, your seating needs to especially be ergonomic as that is where you will be spending most of your time. However, we also suggest you have a comfier chair for your breaks to keep you comfortable.

 Finishing touches

­­­In the US, the temperature is far from a lovely tropical island, so the addition of our outdoor heaters will be a lovely little perk to have while you work. Their lovely orange glow creates a very comfortable mood while you work too.

If the Heaters glow isn’t satisfying your lighting needs you could also add in our LED or RGB LED lighting system, as the daylight is starting to fade away in the upcoming autumn and winter months a gorgeous aesthetic lighting system might be just what you need. And with our RGB LED Lighting system, picking colours that get you in the mood to be productive can be a big boost for your work ethic.

To find out more information about our Bioclimatic pergolas or any of our other systems, feel free to get in contact with us via email or telephone

Check out our video of how our Bioclimatic pergola system!

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