PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Subulate Quercus Minima, Retractable Pergola


The Subulate Quercus Minima is a stunning wall-mounted retractable pergola structure, this system is ideal to suit budgets for your business use or personal use. Its stunning chic look adds a very modern atmosphere to your outdoor space, and the application of the systems subulate shape has proven to be an amazing substitute to residential and leisure projects.

The retractable pergola system also comes with many additional aspects for you to choose from, these include: Heaters, Sensors, Integrated Speakers, Aluminum doors/windows, and different RAL choices of aluminum powder coatings, and different fabric choices.

The Subulate Quercus Minima is the perfect addition to your outdoor space, it’s a modern simple way to renovate your garden and be able to enjoy your outdoor space all year round.

CASE STUDY: MULINO RESTAURANT | Subulate Quercus Minima | Retractable Pergola


This Subulate system was installed a couple of weeks back at Mulino restaurant. In this project, the aluminum coating on the mainframe of the pergola was chosen as RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey with Matte Finish. The retractable pergola fabric chosen is Vexillum B8116 | 9002 Ghost White.

Our customers really wanted to create that bridge between outdoor and indoors, so they accompanied their subulate system with sliding door systems and aluminum doors. In addition to the amazing features, we also installed heaters so that can keep the outdoor seating area warm even during the winter – a magnificent business prospect.


Year: 2021

  • Category: Retractable Pergola
  • Product: Subulate Quercus Minima
  • Aluminum Coating: RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey with Matte Finish
  • Fabric Choice: Vexillum B8116 | 9002 Ghost White
  • Glazing Systems: Sliding Door with Floor Rail & Threshold | B Bumb (Aluminium Framed Single Glazing)

CASE STUDY: WORSLEY PROJECT | Subulate Quercus Minima | Retractable Pergola


The subulate Minima system perfectly matched the “spring atmosphere” in this garden. Our customer said that they like the luxurious look of the pergola very much, they also added, “it`s the best innovation that can be made to the garden.” In this project, the width of the pergola is 7050mm and the projection is 2400mm. The fabric choice was a SIOEN B8118 | 7024 Dim Grey. The powder coating on the mainframe RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey with Matte Surface Finish. There are also spotlights on the pergola which makes it even more stunning!

This is just one example of how you as a homeowner can also enjoy the many qualities a Retractable Pergola has to offer, and that these systems are not just business prospects. With the ability to install additional products such as our outdoor heaters as well, you’ll be able to bask in your stylish and pleasant architectural outdoor space all year round.


Year: April 2021

  • Category: Retractable Pergola Systems
  • Product: Subulate Quercus Minima
  • Aluminum: RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey with Matte Surface Finish
  • Fabric Choice: SIOEN B8118 | 7024 Dim Grey
  • Lighting: 3W LED Lighting System (by Samsung)

These Subulate Quercus minima Systems are like no other, so why not invest and allow yourself to indulge in a bit of luxury?

To find out more information about our Subulate Quercus Minima system or any of our other systems, feel free to get in contact with us via email or telephone.

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