Somfy Smart Shading Systems

Are you looking to enhance your home or property with the latest in smart shading systems? Somfy has been a leader in motorized window treatments, wind sensors, and other smart home solutions for over 5 decades. 

With their cutting-edge technology, they offer homeowners and property owners the chance to control their environment with ease. From enhancing the comfort of your space to integrating your Somfy system with Amazon Alexa, there are many advantages to using these advanced products. 

Fortunately, at String Lights Outdoor, we offer an expansive selection of smart shading technology from Somfy. Find the best enhancements for your home; then, read below to discover the benefits of this global brand.

Somfy Motorized Window Systems

Somfy offers a range of diverse benefits for homeowners looking to upgrade their space. With Somfy motorized window treatments, you can enjoy precise control over light and privacy levels in your home with just the press of a button. 

Their solutions are designed to fit any budget and style, allowing you to customize your home’s look and feel while also controlling energy efficiency and comfort. For example, this Somfy RTS Lighting Receiver is a versatile, reliable lighting control solution.

Compatible with many types of outdoor lights, it enables you to operate them at a distance through radio remote control. This receiver features simple programming and installation, making it incredibly easy to use. 

Radio Technology Somfy: Telis 4

The Somfy Telis 4 RTS is a cutting-edge motorized window treatment solution from Somfy Systems. It allows users to control their blinds and shades with the simple press of a button. Whether you need to let natural light in or block it out, the Telis 4 RTS makes it easy to do so with its reliable and efficient radio technology.

Somfy Wind Sensor

This ​​Somfy Eolis RTS Radio Wind Sensor works as a valuable supplement for your existing Somfy motorized window systems or smart home solutions. These sensors detect when wind speeds reach a certain intensity, activating automatically closing windows or sunshades. 

This protects your property from damage caused by high winds and reduces energy costs by keeping warm air inside during winter months.

Somfy Software Integration 

They also offer software integration solutions so you can easily control your smart shading system through a mobile application or voice command with Amazon Alexa. Somfy integration with the mobile application, you can create automated scenes for everyday routines and adjust shades, awnings, and blinds from any location. 

Somfy integration with Amazon Alexa provides even more convenience with voice-activated commands like “Alexa, Open All Windows” or “Alexa, Lower The Blinds.” Integrating your motorized windows with home automation solutions like these maximize comfort by simplifying shade and lighting adjustments. 

Enhance Your Home with Somfy from String Lights Outdoor

Somfy simplifies your life, maximizes your comfort, and improves the value of your property. With wind sensors that automatically adjust to the weather outside for optimal temperature control, you’ll save money on energy bills as well! 

Plus, with integration of Somfy products into a mobile app or Amazon Alexa voice-controlled assistants, controlling your Somfy system from anywhere is easy. So why wait? 

To enhance your home with the power of Somfy systems, reach out to our team today.

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